Wednesday, 20 February 2008's Wednesday...

Well, it's been a much slower day today. The Grymn now have brown boots, gloves and pouches and the highlights have been started but that's about it. I think Inso has burned himself out over the last couple of days but he assures me that tomorrow he will have the brown finished. I think he's doing OK...certainly better than the time since Christmas, during which the same Grymn have sat getting dusty.

Until next weekend, there won't be many free evenings for Inso because there are a lot of Panto rehearsals (the show starts next Thursday!). The good news is that he can get some painting done during the day because he is on leave.

More news on the Tiger front...they are both being dispatched from America on Monday and should be here 7 - 10 days later. That will be interesting to see because they are already assembled and are of indeterminate condition. Hopefully the gamble has paid off and they will be great...we'll have to wait and see, I suppose.

The Hasslefree parcel arrived today and that meant that the Grymn for the cavalry turned up (along with some other bits and pieces). The down side to the arrival was the fact that the Gill Worm turned out to be a bit small for the planned it looks like he'll be side-lined and not used. It's a shame but it goes to show that it sometimes helps to have all the required items at hand when working on an idea. On the plus side, there was a free Grymn in the parcel as a sorry for the parcel being delayed a little...unnecessary but a testament to the excellent service that Hasslefree miniatures provides.

When it comes to the Grymn, all are welcomed and none will be left out...Inso can always be relied upon to find a home for them!

There are only two more parcels due to arrive (apart from the Tigers); a Veridian marine chain-gunner and a pack of 3 Vulkan battle-suits. Then it will be NO MORE SPENDING for Inso...well...until he goes to Salute of course.

See you tomorrow!

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