Sunday, 13 January 2008

Zombies...they're out to get you!

Inso had a bit of a down day yesterday. There he was, sitting there trimming the mould lines off a Drusch Stryker (science fiction zombie from Hasslefree Miniatures) when the scalpel slipped from his hand.

It wouldn't have been too bad but for the fact that the immediate action he took, was to grab for the knife (he tells me that it was a reaction that anyone would have made...). Being a scalpel and being very sharp, the blade found its way into the palm of Inso's hand. Yes there was pain...yes there was blood...but with a little blob of superglue it was glued shut in an instant.

Amazing stuff, superglue (cyanoacrylate to those of you with an interest in chemistry).

The whole point of this entry isn't the injury. It isn't even the highly risky business of using superglue to seal a wound. The whole point is that the Zombies are out to get him!

Since time began for Inso, he has never understood the whole 'Zombie' thing. When you are dead, you are dead. In order to live you have all these bits and pieces inside you to make you work (a bit like the pixies that live in your TV...according to Inso). When they stop working, so do you. Zombies not only have their bits and pieces not working but a lot of the time they are missing all together!

So, Inso has never bought any Zombie miniatures and has let the world know that it isn't his thing. This changed when during a trade, he recieved a handfull of Drusch miniatures. After adding a couple of extras, he started tackling the cleaning and basing of the minis. That is when he not only cut the tip of a finger but stuck the scalpel in his hand. He hasn't injured himself whilst working on his hobby for years...until now.

The Zombies Know...


Mr Teufel said...

I guess in SF you can justify zombies as being computer-piloted corpses.

Inso said...

It is easier to handle with the 'nano-virus' explanation but I still wouldn't have bought any Drusch if I hadn't got a couple in a trade with Lonewolf...but I couldn't paint just two so I got a little group together.

Mr Teufel said...

Ah, I know what that's like. Minis get lonely, y'know? :)

I think I've got nearly a dozen minotaurs that way.