Monday, 14 January 2008

Bad Monday...

Inso was very angry today. He was due to go on a detachment to Iraq in July but it has been brought forward to May. If he hadn't been nosing around on the computer at work, he wouldn't have known because no one thought to tell him. He has to tell his family now...and that will be hard to do as he only got back from Iraq in December. Life in the military has its down days.

On a lighter note, his glued hand is still holding together!

Tonight work starts on the painting of the little Drusch/Zombie group. Inso is looking to undercoat the minis and paint the bases but in his current frame of mind, he may just get drunk! Inso also assures me that there will be photos of the little group soon so watch this space.


Mr Teufel said...

So they are dragging you back early. Damn.

Inso said...

I'm afraid so. At least it is only for two months this time and not three. I nearly killed someone yesterday...and that would have just been with the look I threw. I was extremely angry about not being told. That's life in a blue suit though.